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History or Destiny

Life has a habit of delivering an earthquake just when it feels like things are balanced and on track. Something changes; something is painful and seems unbearable. The choice before you is a season of mourning or a lifetime of mourning. Do you remain in the pain or walk through the rain? The real choice is whether your life will be about history or destiny; that which has passed or that which is before you.
While the choice seems obvious it is far easier to get stuck living a life of history rather than believing in a future that is completely different from yesterday. Significant events can shake our world and our faith. Suddenly what we thought we could count on disappears like a rug pulled swiftly out from under our feet. This sudden shift can leave us afraid to believe we can ever stand on anything we can believe in again. It takes a leap of faith to walk forward in the rain believing it will reside, that the sun will shine as brightly again. Significant events create significan…

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