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Hurting People Hurt People

Have you ever really cared about another and been stunned by their words or actions, by the malevolent and emotionally charged force of their words? Were you really so wrong about them; is it possible that you missed so badly on your assessment or is something else very wrong? Characteristically when we collide into unexplained abusive, hateful behavior we have just experienced a head-on collusion with moments from the past of the person who is before us. We may not have been wrong; we may have simply failed to look behind them to see what they were likely to become.Abusive people issue a 'don't tell' mandate to their family and friends. It is a sacred promise to them, breaking it will likely cause them to act against the offender. And so, their bully club of fear has taken control. This is what lies behind your misjudgment. No one was allowed to show or tell the truth. Great acting skills can be borne from abuse. It is a pretend reality that shores up the abuser and enabl…

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