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The Palace of Persistence

The palace of persistence is a special place in your psyche that believes quitting is beneath your dignity. It is an attitude that spans the ages, in fact, all of your life time. It is who you are. There is another trait that is embraced in this special place, that of discernment. Those who don't believe in quitting are discerning about committing. They gather facts and carefully consider them, and they should. They are making a concrete commitment to persevere to the win.
To be truly discerning means that you make certain your desire to commit ensures that no one will be harmed by your actions, that the goal is worthy of the pursuit and that the win is meaningful. It has to matter more to you than any obstacles you may face. Once you have carefully examined these few facts the commitment is effortless. You believe in the goal and are engaged in the pursuit of it. Then you enter the palace of persistence.
Your commitment demands a pursuit of running to win with never a thought of…

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