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Self-Identity - Embracing the Pain or the Promise

Did you accept or create your identity; many people are unaware that they made a choice! You accepted your identity if you became the person your parents, siblings or others in the early years of your life created. Metaphors like smart, brainy, athletic, and attractive, a salesman, a singer, and a poor or great student compete with lazy, worthless, ugly, fat, unattractive, loser or even the 'black sheep'. Many people accepted and became the person defined by the people around them without ever considering that there was an option. You create your own identity when you determine your strongest traits and make a clear choice to be who you know you really are, and then be proud of it. So who are you?
Many times not making your own choice is the underlying cause of feeling like you have lost your identity. You may feel lost and spend a great deal of time searching for who you really are, perhaps at some much deeper level realizing that you are being guided to become who you were …

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