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Rider on the Rain - The Storms of Change

Protesters have risen from the ashes of the 1960's with a renewed vigor, enhanced by the availability of social media that lends the ability to gather groups quickly and easily. Like most things of yesteryear, the younger generation has found a better way to accomplish their goal. These groups appear to be angry, incited by an injustice close to their hearts and willing to make a loud statement. Why are there so many people protesting? Ask them and they quickly reply, 'We're angry... ,' but why? What causes this kind of societal anger?
Anger is the mask of fear; when anger is present fear is lurking behind the shadows, hiding and watching. What are we afraid of; what drives multitudes of people to the streets to loudly proclaim their feelings? Change; change is the driving force behind most anger. The protesters are varied; some fear coming change while others are afraid because nothing has changed and they believe it never will. Many find themselves in an intolerable…

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