Beauty and the Beast In Women - Subtle Signs of A Ferocious Female

Men frequently mirror the same aggressive traits as their canine best friends; females mimic the felines. If you were imagining that violence is limited to men, you haven't met the enraged, biting, clawing devil she cat that violent women are capable of transforming into. Scouting for the perfect gal? You are well advised to learn the subtle signs that will help you avoid 'catching' a woman who thinks cat scratch fever is love play.

Before you get very involved with any woman, take her out and observe how she relates to others in social settings. Just as a cat makes her entrance by stretching and slinking slowly across the room to permit you to pet them, females use social settings as their runway for introduction. When violence is an underlying part of a personality, animal instinct rules; cats bite, scratch, pounce and attack. Expect some version of the same if violence is the game.

1. Ever Just The Same - Watch as she makes her entrance into any gathering. Does she walk beside you, arms relaxed at her sides and engaged with your conversation? If she walks down the center of hallway or entrance, head erect, arms extended from the body or hands on hips, catch the clue. This signifies her intent to dominate the space and perhaps you, as she forces other to move to the side. This is the preening you see in cats as they enter a room where a potential rival may be waiting. Slow, deliberate steps, eyes alert and sizing up the prey.
2. Ever A Surprise - Rulers make the rules; they have no reason to follow them. Watch for breaking social rules as a pattern of behavior. This includes invading space, talking over others, interrupting others who are talking and even using foul language in respectful settings. Cats do this by waiting under chairs and beds for you to walk by. When you get close enough, a long leg reaches out with claws extended to 'slap' you. Who's in charge now?

3. Ever As Before - Women use hand gestures to dominate. Look for the circular or side to side motion of her hand in the air, usually in front of the body or face; a signal that she is erasing what you are saying. Others words are not important. Likewise for the extended palm facing the speaker, the 'talk to the paw' signal. Behold the cat that smacks at the air with their paw; you're annoying them.

4. Ever Just As Sure - Dominating time in groups by saying whatever they have to say and then telling others they are short on time to listen. This extends to constantly checking the time or leaving early, denying others the opportunity to speak. This is the cat that 'permits' you to pet them and calmly gets up and walks away without even a backwards glance.

5. Tale As Old As Time - Disruptive facial signals including pursing her lips, disapproving and judgmental frowns, sneers disguised as smiles, narrowing her eyes seemingly in suspicion, or refusing eye contact with the speaker; "You're a waste of my time." Beware; this is the cat that has found a safe perch to watch from and plans to pounce. You may find this is exaggerated if the speaker is another attractive female who appears to hold your attention.

6. Tune As Old As Song - Making disparaging and derogatory comments or belittling others is not only a sign of insecurity, it also signifies intent to dominate the playing field. This requires decimating the other contenders; it is a no win situation where peace is typically restored by others in the group acting submissive to halt the attack. This is the pounce and attack from the perch the cat was lying in wait for.

7. Bittersweet and Strange - Making a scene, shouting, throwing things or any other loud, disruptive and demeaning behavior that is intended to become a confrontation with any challenger. This is a "Try me, make my day" statement that suggests she is willing to fight or attack publicly. It is shocking to those who witness it and satisfying to her. She feels she has backed everyone down and let them know she is the alpha female in the room. This is the biting, scratch and attacking feline who now appears to be possessed by the devil.

8. Learning You Were Wrong - Flaunting displays of power or wealth in a group; including displaying a Hermes handbag, shoes that cost a fortune, handling rings or other jewelry to force attention on them, talking about how much her clothes cost or anything else intended to let everyone know she has the biggest and the best and intends to dominate the group with her displays. This is the preening, licking paws and prancing we witness in felines.

9. Song As Old As Rhyme - Overt displays of her body are an emulation of a man who displays or draws attention to his crotch intentionally, even if clothed. This is a phallic symbol that forces others to acknowledge the power of her sexuality. Her message; "I am as strong and powerful as any man." This is the cat that purrs contentedly while you scratch her and then suddenly erupts into biting and clawing for no apparent reason.

Take a moment to study the body language and subtle hints every woman displays as she reacts in social encounters. It is here that you can learn who she really is... Beauty or the beast! If you find these signs you may want to opt for the female version of a socialized cat who understands the value of a mate. Taming a cat who inflicts scratch fever may sound like a fun challenge but it can be fatal. If you're still unsure, you may want to invest in a psych evaluation!


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