Choosing Your Endless

Infinite, interminable, never-ending; these are words we associate with endless. Some inspire positive emotions while others seem almost foreboding; yet all describe the same word, endless. On reflection, there are few things we actually believe are endless in life. We describe the breadth of emotions in this way when we believe a loving relationship will never be interrupted; it is infinite and we are hopeful and happy. Never-ending is frequently used to describe emotional turmoil or situations that try us beyond endurance with no acceptable solution in sight. We believe there never will be a solution and so endless becomes never-ending. How will endless describe your life?
One that is positive, hopeful and happy requires boundaries that must be established and honored. This is not always easy to do. If you grew up in an environment where boundaries were not in evidence you may not even be aware that they are missing. Worse, you may not understand the importance of having them. People who proclaim that their life is an open book may never have enjoyed boundaries in their life. Personal privacy is more than a right; it is necessary to protect thoughts, hopes and dreams in life. These most intimate thoughts should only be shared with trusted people who will support and encourage you. Those who share everything with everyone who will listen significantly decrease their odds in achieving the best they can become. It opens too many pathways to negativity that can impede the way to achieve those things; even in your closest relationships.
Good boundaries require respect and consideration from those you interact with beyond casual acquaintances. To do less breaks through the protective boundaries established and is not tolerable. Oddly enough, the people willing to crash through your boundaries are well aware of them. When this happens you can be sure that they have willfully violated this protection and chosen to disrespect them and your feelings in the process. This is where your choices enter how the word endless will apply to your life.
Pretending not to see this kind of behavior destroys your boundaries. Accepting unacceptable behavior or disrespect towards you or the things or people you care about is the primary symptom of marginalized boundaries. It is important to recognize that this has occurred and then act on it. It is an important step towards respecting yourself. A failure to do so will ensure that more of the same behavior is on the way. This can be the beginning of never-ending situations in your life.
To have an infinite 'endless' in your life is far more positive and joyful and is worth the effort to cultivate. It usually begins with respecting yourself and clearly defining what is disrespectful to that ideal. If you are unsure where to draw the line take a good look at how you protect the people in your life that you love and respect. Look closely at where you draw the line for how others must respect and treat them. That is the correct place to draw your own and then set your boundary in place. Love yourself as much as you love them; demand respect for yourself as much as you demand others respect them.
Love is a teaching as well as a learning experience in life. We learn the very best that can be given and received; we can use that to teach others how to treat us. It's important to choose your 'endless' in life.


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