Stop Dragging Your Heart Around

Your heart is the emotional center of your being; where does your heart belong in the world around you? Ideally it is the last checkpoint before a final decision is made. Why is that true; because commitments come from the heart. They bind us, many times irrevocably, to a person or a cause that may alter the course of our lives. Hearts are vital to our emotional well-being; put your heart into anything and you are on board for some kind of ride.

It is easier to determine where your heart does not belong as you travel your journey of life.

1) It does not belong in any decision where money or anything of material value is involved. Even in a relationship where financial decisions are crucial, you are better protected when you withdraw any emotional attachment and made a choice based on cold hard facts only.
2) It does not belong in the workplace where you are charged with the responsibility to use your skills to move towards a goal that has been set by the person or persons responsible for paying your salary. Your commitment should be to achieving their goals. If you don't believe in their goals, find another job.
3) It does not belong in any situation where confusion reigns supreme. Confusion is the reflection of the smoke in the mirrors. It is there to deceive or cast a shadow or cloud over something that someone does not want you to see. When it sets in, remove the emotion and you can make a clear choice that will benefit you.
4) It does not belong where there is any evidence of deceit. No matter how close you may imagine that you are to the people involved, when there is evidence of deception it is time to withdraw any emotional attachment to the outcome. Your failure to do this opens the door wide for the worst friends you will ever encounter; the ones who are so reluctant to leave you may never lose them in your lifetime, delusion and denial. Leave them on the curb where they belong and examine only the facts before making any decision.
5) It does not belong or function properly as a bargaining chip to shore up an image, your self-esteem or the ability to believe in yourself. Many times we stay in friendships or relationships knowing they are detrimental to us or our goals because we have an emotional commitment that is not shared by the people in question. Broken hearts rise from these ashes. Protect your emotional center by refusing to remain committed to anyone who violates their commitment to you. You can avoid this kind of pain by establishing a clear understanding of what is expected in any relationship. This makes it much easier to determine when it has been violated.

You drag your heart around when you allow your emotions to become involved inappropriately inviting unnecessary pain and anguish into your life journey.


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