Understanding Karma - Changing How It Affects Your Life

Most people believe Karma administers the ultimate 'beat down' in life. They believe karma is a big bad boogey man chasing them, attempting to bludgeon them with payment for past mistakes. No wonder people run from it. What is karma? How does it affect our lives? If you've ever kept a dairy you can better understand how the story within it is written.

We use diaries to pen our emotions, deepest fears and the things we don't want to share with others. It is the place we store the most private parts of our lives, our inner thoughts, hopes and dreams. Did you ever go back and read the emotions captured in your old diary? If so, you may have noticed it could easily become a life journal. Our good friend karma is the same. It is a record of things that have impacted our own lives and those around us in some meaningful way. The records reveal the true story about how we felt when we were in situations and what our true motivations are at the time. It is akin to a bag of seeds being planted along our life path that are guaranteed to grow. Is it contained in our aura where those who are hyper aware can see it?

While karma is not stored there it is reflected there. Imagine placing different colors of lit candles in front of a mirror. What is reflected back is the light shining through those colors. Our aura is a reflection of our inner light being filtered through emotions we are experiencing at any given time. The colors change determined by how we are feeling or responding to situations. If the bags of seeds you are planting are filled with integrity, honor, valor or honesty that is reflected by the emotions that shine from those attributes. Your aura will reflect different colors because of the content of your character. If you have fallen prey to emotions like jealousy, bitterness, revenge and hatred your aura will appear much darker and filled with trauma and drama rather than light that shines before you on the path.

Your aura is contained within your innate that encircles the perimeter of your personal energy. How big is it? You may be surprised to learn it extends twelve feet in every direction. Your personal power extends twenty-four feet in every linear direction. No wonder humans are such powerful forces! The deeper your emotions are the more powerful your energy becomes as it reaches out and touches every person who enters your energy field. When it does, presto, something is recorded in the Akashi records where karma is stored!

Is karma always bad? It is only if your energy is always dark, always touching people in ways that cause conflict or disharmony. Like the proverbial pendulum it swings wide to the place that is most weighted with emotions that cause one to act. It swings back to balance and therein lies what is delivered back to us. It is filled with good or bad things being attracted into our lives based on the type of seeds we have been planting. When harmful things are uncovered it feels a little like moving the rocks in a garden of weeds. All kids of creepy things crawl out and confront us. It is far better for us to run to meet karma than to run from it. This allows us the opportunity to clean out the dark things and let the sun shine on the good things we want to grow in our lives. When it is filled with good intentions and great love it delivers hopes and dreams on a beam of sunshine at our back.

Our emotions and intentions are the prime motivator in what is contained in our karmic debt.


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