'Yestiny' - The Steps to Realizing Your Dreams

Are you standing in your own way as you chase your greatest hopes and dreams? How is this possible? You must be in agreement to achieving them! You must say yes to the opportunities. For all the times life requires you to 'just say no' living your dreams requires you to 'just say yes.' Why ever would anyone say no to something they desperately want? No arrives on the same moon beam as the thought that it is impossible to really reach those dreams.
Some people keep their dreams tucked away like old childhood photos. They revisit them wistfully, wondering what happened to the years that have passed, their dreams scattered to the winds. "It was just a dream you say, it's no big deal, not really important.' Count that as a no. Others laugh at the things they used to wish for, calling them pipe dreams of childhood. 'They were never real were they?' Count another no.

Did you ever harbor a dream that seemed ridiculous or impossible, yet it continued to rise in your consciousness? Is it conceivable that this impossible dream was really a part of your life plan? That your refusal to believe it could be realized was your dismissal of the outcome you always desired? It is more probable that the deeply embedded hopes and dreams which accompanied you into this lifetime is a glimpse of what can be. It is easier to believe in dreams as a child; rarely will adults smash the dreams of a child. They are encouraging rather than discouraging even though they don't really believe in them.

And then Lo, comes the time when a child approaches adulthood and receives the directions that kill the dreams. 'Grow up; you have to live in the real world.' That means the world the person who is talking exists in, their reality is now staring you in the face mocking all the things they may have encouraged for most of your life. Their world comes crashing down closing in on you and caging you in a reality you never embraced. What happened?
Adults that have traded their dreams for mediocrity are rarely good role models for those who have a higher calling. They can't 'see the reaching' for themselves and certainly not for you. They great secret that has been shared for more than 2000 years houses the yes to your destiny. So simple, yet the profundity cannot be overstated. You cannot receive anything, absolutely nothing, more than you can believe in. If you cannot believe it can be, for you it can never be.

Simple they are, those words 'just believe.' Yet they are likely the most powerful words you can ever embrace. There are no limits to those who believe except those self-imposed. These include the people you surround yourself with, the ideas you embrace rather than reject and your willingness to settle for far less than you accepted before you were influenced by other peoples limits.

Yestiny means saying yes to your own destiny by treasuring your values, driving in your own lane in life and choosing when to exit, seeing the opportunity even if it is not clearly marked or recognized by the 'wise ones' who surround you. Just say yes, and believe!


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