15 Minutes - Let It Be This Day

What sounds of anguish must pierce the air, filtered through the darkness of a starlit night or within the sunbeams in search of someone, anyone who cares? Profound they are, even the silent screams that signal the suffering of one who feels hopeless; those who no longer believe they can change a result. Cherished dreams that have disappeared through the passage of time, self-respect corroded through continued failures, abilities and talents corrupted, lost through misuse, inconceivable potential bartered for fool's gold or the final loss of someone precious are burrowed into the anguish that spills forth. We arrive at this lonely pain filled place when we accept that we must face the unacceptable and believe it to be an undeniable end. Let it be this day that you know your cries arrived and were carefully enfolded into the arms of a loving Creator. If 15 minutes could alter the course would you try?

We celebrate passion in people, yet passions can quickly become habits, the door that invites us into addiction. Addictions are often born when we embrace with abandon ideals, work, people, places, alcohol and drugs; even the pursuit to be healthy. Anything or anyone we believe we cannot live without can become an addiction. This happens when our emotions become so enmeshed we can no longer be objective or walk away. It is likely that we all have addictive personalities. Some are considered to be normal or 'good for us,' avoiding the stigma of addiction.

Human receptors that control the urges that propel you back to what you wish to could let go of lasts a mere 15 minutes. Every time you think you can't do it you are 15 minutes from success. Most people acknowledge they could do anything they have to do for that amount of time. Every habit, belief or person that grips or binds you to a something you hope to stop, change or leave behind may be altered or even broken if you are willing to pause for 15 minutes, change the frequency you are riveted to and refocus your attention. It is necessary to look away; anything you look at or focus on is growing in intensity. The same energy that can propel you to enormous success binds you to things that can no longer serve you. Take the time; let it be this day that freedom beckons. Accept the invitation to really live again.

If you are tempted to look in the rear view mirror and rationalize why you thought this was a good idea when it began stop wasting your precious time. If you need to make a change the intentions that led you to a painful path no longer matter. Alter your course and remember that your very existence is a miracle. For a human to change their mind requires a miracle. That is two miracles before you begin. Use wisely your power of choice as you embark on a new journey. Let it be this day.


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