Bloods of Passion Plays Voices From Our Past

The dividing line in your life begins the moment you hunger, thirst or ache for a person, a cause or an outcome that really matters. There was 'you' before that event, and the person you became because of it. It is the day you became passionate about something in your life. Make no mistake that the pendulum of life is ever present when this happens. The degree it swings into your passion equals the degree it swings opposition back from it. There will be bloody emotions and chinks in your armor as you trod the path of passion; it's inevitable, as written down in history. Where passion is involved there is always a great story. It leaves in its path trauma; and trauma must talk.

These are the great stories that become the voices from our past. Among the lessons learned is the price of commitment; no matter how infinitesimal it may become in the annals of history it was filled with drama as the stories unfolded and were told. We remember those stories because of the passionate manner they were told. As time passes many may look back and wonder why particular events were so important to the cause but never forget to obey the lessons. One brings victory the other signals defeat.

Some are so profound, the cause so great that hundreds, even of thousands of years later, we know the stories and even the emotions involved. Conquerors, great leaders and even a king that abdicates the throne for a woman were all passionately committed to a cause. Passion is an emotion that runs deep from the trenches of emotional distress to the highest peaks of success. It's important to find our passion in life. It turns work into joyful accomplishments and goals into end games that we won. To care deeply about something brings out the very best in humanity and sometimes the worst. Our passion must be tempered by the lessons learned in the voices from our past. To ignore those voices causes us to lie awake at night in torment.

The choices we make in the throes of passion will determine whether we burn our map to happiness, abandon our claim to peace of mind, and banish our destined path of glory. When we ignore the stories of the voices from the past we stumble, lost and afraid, in the obscurity of futility and self-pity. It is a hell of our own creation. Good choices ensure that we won't be a giant defeated.

Don't betray yourself. All the blessings of humanity are at your feet when you are passionate about a just or benevolent cause. You are powerful enough to change your life when guided by passion. Your story will be told repeatedly, those about your talent, instincts, emotions and pride. Plunging into a caring cause allows blessings to overflow your cup... be mindful of them on the journey you have embarked on. And remember the voices.


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