Lovin' Eyes Can Never See

Why is it that our sight is transformed when we are looking through the eyes of love? Is it better to see with clarity or through the lens of altered perception that love produces? What we see is influenced by the filters of our life experiences, those that cause bias and those that cause delusion. Love is the single most powerful human emotion; is it any wonder that how we see another is painted in the brightest of the color spectrum when love is the filter? Can that be beneficial in our life?

The obvious stories we all know about lying and cheating may come to mind first, all true as history writes what has transpired. If that is all there is it would be futile and dangerous to look at another with loving eyes. There has to be more... and there is. This kind of powerful emotion is the greatest motivating force in mankind. It ignites desires that focus our attention away from ourselves to something much bigger. It empowers us as we learn to trust. When we love we embrace the goals and see the visions of others that inspire us to reach higher, to be the best that we can be, for another.

Parents who hold a child that is challenged look past the worst one could imagine and see the best their child can be. Their shared love of a child entrusted to them lifts them to a higher place where they can believe in what cannot be seen. Faith is born and survives the journey. Those with a loved one facing addictions are confronted with painful choices. No one wants to believe the evidence of drug abuse or alcohol addiction even in the face of mounting evidence. When you are looking at a loved one through the eyes of love you are able to see a way where there appears to be no way. You refuse to let go while looking for a loving solution as you become their eyes when they cannot see, holding on until they leave the broken path to come back. Letting go is not an option.

Love inspires us, lifting us and making us stronger than we ever were, to be and do more than before. But why does it do this? When we look through loving eyes our filters of bias and judgment are removed. We recognize the best in those we love and somehow, they begin to believe in themselves, to see the best that they can be. We join energy to help fulfill shared hopes and dreams and become unstoppable.

Most times loving eyes cannot see failure. It may be a blessing that encourages us to take the high road, to teach us humility, to give us endurance and finally to inspire us to simply become our best. That is why it is so powerful and the reason we value it more than gold. Love heals even if it hurts sometimes.


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