Pushing Into Your Highest Good

Way down deep we all have an idea of who we were created to become. Yet, how could we know, where do these ideas arise from? The answer can be found as early as the most formative years in a child's life. What are they interested in? What do they imagine they can do before any adult suggested that their ideas were far too difficult or beyond their ability? We arrive in our lives knowing very well what we are capable of becoming. There was indeed a master plan for all of us!

Assuming that you have tapped into this special place of inner knowing we all have one must stop to wonder what happened? Is it too late to alter the course and return to your real chosen path? If you still wonder, if you still have the interests and a real desire it is not too late. This is universal energy giving you a gentle push forward to do it, do it now. Pay attention to those nudges; they are always benevolent and loving. This is a higher part of you encouraging you.

Once there was a time when there was great interest in the new energy our planet was moving into. Speculation about entering 4D energy was everywhere. There was talk of Mayan calendars predicting the end of time and the end of life as we understood it. Things seemed a little surreal as we made our way into the new millennium, waiting for computers to crash and life as we knew it to become something we could never understand. What happened, where did all that interest go? The fundamental principal of life is that time marches on, with or without our interest in how it happens.

Was it all an illusion, this idea of entering a new energy? Not at all; we have been steadily progressing forward, well into the outer bands of this new energy that allows a much higher vibration of the energy in our daily lives. Things have changed and so have we; it is a continuing process. It is an effortless process, much like breathing. We are doing it without exerting any effort to control the entry. Your awareness of the new opportunities will determine how quickly you are able to take advantage of new opportunities.

Your highest good, that which is encompasses the very best you can become has always been a part of you. In the past you may have encountered road blocks you could not understand leaving you frustrated and perhaps even ready to give up and accept something far less. The imaginary force you stood against was pure energy. No wonder you had difficulty battling it, you simply could not see the barriers before you! This new energy we are emerging into is supportive and loving, allowing you to delve into the new pursuits and expect them to produce your desired results. But how can you do this?

Imagine you are standing before a room you really desire to enter, one where information that can change your life is stored. What would you do? You would look for a door, knowing there is a way in. You are standing before that door now. Using this new energy simply requires you to be aware of the door and, this is important, push the door open. This does not require physical force but rather an understanding of the energy before you. Ignore the walls, wood and metal before you and mentally move forward by pushing your energy into the new space.


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