The Promise of Human Will

Human will is the strongest and most powerful force existing in humans; it rises as a natural instinct that propels us beyond what seems possible. From the newborn baby born far too early measuring the length of our finger yet survives to the 33 miners who emerged from the bowels of the earth 69 days after being buried alive we are witness to the power within that drives us to survive, to win. Stories of heroes and heroic deeds are filled with the sheer power of the human will. Ordinary people in everyday life fight battles of terminal illness and obstacles that are miraculously won through sheer willpower. It is a raging fire that burns within.

Is this the same will we exercise in our daily life; the one that sets goals, recognizes dreams that are infused with faith, those that become hopes? It isn't; those that require what appear to be beyond possibility spring from a much deeper place within us. This kind of human will exists at soul level where we are connected with our higher self, our Creator, who infuses the impossible task before us with a deeper will to press on, and never give up. It arrives without notice in the blink of an eye many times, when a split second may mean the difference between life and death. It is a command that tells us to persevere infused with a sense of knowing the right action to do so, the one where miracles become reality. It really is super human will. But how do we ignite that, how do we communicate with that part of ourselves?

Few have grown to adulthood without the instructions to open this magic door. It is called 'Thy will, not mine.' It sounds so simple if you discount the force behind our own will which is powerful beyond belief. It takes a different kind of miracle for us to set aside our own will and listen to for the instructions from a place we cannot define. It means letting go of self-control and trusting that which we cannot see... the very definition of faith.

Why does it seem so easy to those who have accomplished super human feats? Because they were faced with a situation where they had already lost control; they had used all the typical methods to solve the problem and finally gave up. It is the way of humans, but it doesn't have to be so. We can tap into this far more powerful source any time we face any situation. It requires us to let go of any attachment to whether our own decision is the best one and simply waiting for the confirmation or the new idea that may seem to be a long shot but is always the best possible solution. It comes from instinct, or a sense of knowing. This is the magic of tapping into the real promise of human will.


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