Encountering Human Evil

May people,  in great error, adopt the belief that if they do not acknowledge the existence of evil, then it does not exist. Their rose colored glasses are firmly in place. Imagine there are those, and there are, who stand so deeply in the darkness that any light will attract their attention. This is where evil grows and lurks.

Add to the recipe a person who makes a sincere effort to stand in the light; this always catches their attention. This mix grows worse by the fact that such a person does not acknowledge the existence of the very thing an evil person worships; you are brewing a disaster. When any person refuses to acknowledge that evil exists they cannot acknowledge the power an evil person needs to feel in their own realm of consciousness. This is an explosive mixture. 

Evil is powerful because humans are powerful; it derives from human consciousness with focused energy. It does exist.

If you know you are dealing with evil, avoid it at all costs. Unless you are an incredibly strong person spiritually and have others with you to assist, and even more, unless the person caught in this trap has a sincere desire to escape it, they are going to remain fixed in their position and you are in for a whole lot of grief.

Evil is live spelled backwards. And that best represents the effect of it. It is a reversal of life, of living life to the fullest. But what is this?

In his 'People of the Lie' book, M Scott Peck describes it as the very most extreme form of narcissism; a place where the bearer cannot acknowledge that anyone around them has any kind of identity, value or right to have or hold anything dear.

They are simply oblivious to anyone or anything beyond themselves.He calls them 'People of the Lie' because lying is essential to maintaining their position in evil. They cannot and will not tolerate scrutiny of any kind. Absolutely nothing is their fault and they accept responsibility for nothing at all. Truthfully, they care so little about anyone else, they cannot imagine that anyone has the audacity to imagine they have the right to feel anything.

These people are dangerously ill and far beyond the reach of the lay person. They look just like you, most will function normally in jobs and some may excel. Rarely will you see the bulging eyes and obvious demeanor of evil. It is still important to know how to recognize these people.

1. They lie and do so without any concern for the results.
2. They are completely self absorbed.
3. They refuse to be accountable for their actions and will attack if you attempt to make them so.
4. They are totally lacking in conscience, even beyond psychopaths or sociopaths. This occurs because your feelings, needs or wants simply do not exist for them.
5. They turn an obvious conclusion into a long diatribe about why you have missed the point, convincing others and sometimes you, that you are wrong, wrong, wrong.
6. Like attracts like. You will frequently find them in groups. It is not uncommon to see them laughing behind the back of another friend at some incredible evil thing that person had done. They actually enjoy evil.
7. They enjoy tormenting others and actually exhibit great glee in this act against people they perceive to be too stupid to get it.
8. They constantly drag you down, attacking the best parts of you. Even compliments are back handed.
9. They always have confusion around them. They enjoy confusing you and issues. Always keep them guessing is their creed.
10. Chaos surrounds them and every situation they are involved in. They seem to have lost the ability to process thoughts clearly and to a logical conclusion. They behave almost spastically at decision time. By this time they have created confusion and chaos and most people around them just want to get through the process.
11. Emotions reign supreme; it's all they have left to control you. Their anger issues are frequently out of control.
12. Control and manipulation are essential, even if it occurs though their inability to follow a thought through; it is your fault they can't do anything or everything.
13. Their attacks are hateful; in fact, they are hateful and hate filled. Mean, just mean spirited is a typical description of truly evil people.
14. They range from quiet, mysterious, sensual or sexy to crazy but exciting. Like a moth to the flame many of us rush in and become entangled in their deceit.
15. They love to instill fear. It is their weapon of choice.

If you are attempting to 'save' them or heal them you are about to be like Grandma and the reindeer... not so lucky. They will run over you and laugh at your paltry efforts. They don't quite know how they arrived at the miserable place where they exist, but in the absence of a sincere desire to escape the misery they exist in, they will likely live out their life in this lie.

As hard as this is and as harsh as it sounds, look for an exit and don't look back. They are destructive and enjoy being so.

Never forget that the concept of Satan is utterly powerless without humans to carry out his evil acts. The brighter your inner light shines the more attractive you will be to those who exist in darkness. It is important that you learn to recognize and call out evil when you encounter it.
You do so by exiting the situation.

Someday, someone or some group may actively attempt to cure this; for now it is the job of a few good priests. Rarely is the victim the one who delivers the cure. Win this battle with your shoes by walking away, quickly.

You'll be glad you did.


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