Consciousness - Is It the Master of Supply and Demand?

Universal Consciousness or mind is frequently coupled and confused with Super Consciousness. Universal Consciousness encompasses the collective energy of all humans existing in the universe. Super Consciousness is the purer form of energy surrounding us. It is filtered through the God life force of energy within every human. Most people rely on their singular conscious mind as the master of their supply and demand in life. This limits the potential of what can be in their life to what they can imagine or envision. Even this is further limited by what they believe they can achieve.

The more enlightened among us have tapped into the vast possibilities found in Universal Consciousness. While this opportunity exists for all, those who are unaware ignore this cosmic 'fishing lake' where possibilities become probabilities through the information and opportunities available there. Why? Is it difficult to tap into the enchanted land of Universal Consciousness? Quite the opposite; it is so simple most people find it impossible to believe in and so, for them, it does not exist.

Everything that is alive today and even things that have lived before, like wood and natural elements that have become other useful things through manufacturing, all emit energy. We exist in a world of energy on the physical plane. Some people accept this even while never taking the time to learn to 'tune in' to the energy surrounding them. Others who seem oblivious are tuned in at a subconscious level. They are drawn to places and things that have been created by someone who does understand it. Balanced energy attracts people, creating a feel good experience whether it is for dining, shopping or simply enjoying the experience of having a home that feels good. It is worth the effort to feel the energy consciously. It is a heightened level of consciousness that allows one to reap the benefits from Universal Consciousness.

How does it work? You must be aware that it exists and accept that everyone has the ability to look for solutions and ideas in this energy field. The secrets to what you don't yet know, the information and successes and failures that have gone before you are all found in this cosmic energy field. How do you tap into those answers? Like planning for any fishing trip set aside the time to quietly pursue the answers and envision casting your line out into an energy field that is vibrant and waiting for you. Ask the questions mentally and wait for the answers. You can do it in dream time before retiring at night or in a simple meditation where you are open to receiving information. You will find yourself letting go of ideas that once seemed possible and suddenly finding new ones that are quite probable. You have tapped into the masters who have gone before you in whatever you are seeking answers to. You can believe them for there is only truth at that level where the vibration of energy is much higher and filled with light.

But what about Super Consciousness that we know exists; how do we tap into that magical place when we require supernatural healing or something that seems to be impossible yet so needed? The God force is the most powerful force in the universe; nothing is impossible through this force. This force is always a part of us and necessary for our existence. We are not left here alone in our life journey. We are accompanied by a life force that is always benevolent and loving. If we dare to tap into this powerful force of energy we find answers we never dreamed of. We are also drawn to people and places where the perfect solution is found. Many times we are surprised to find that these same people genuinely need what we have to offer. Win-win opportunities are frequently attributed to a hand much bigger than our own that has guided all the parties to the perfect place at the most opportune time.

If you are willing to trust this you can skip all the other options and go straight to the most powerful force. You do this by going within and being silent. This is where you hear the directions. You may simply have a sense of knowing or seem to stumble into the right place where the answers are easy. This is the best way to know you have successfully tapped into Super Consciousness.

Supply and demand for everything is as large or as limited as the source you seek the answer from. The choice is yours, in everything in life. Choice is the one most recognized attribute that humans have even beyond the angels. Apply it wisely to reap the greatest benefit in your life.


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