Dancing in the Rain - Leaving the Dark Behind

Foreboding skies and dark clouds signal the arrival of rain in our lives; yet the earth would be scorched in its absence. Without it we would never see a rainbow; like the beautiful stars that require a dark night to shine brightly, rain requires dark and stormy skies to usher in the power that washes away the ugliness hanging around in our atmosphere. Life is a little like that.

Sometimes we have to stand in the dark, oblivious to the things we have invited into our life that is harmful, to be reminded that we need light in our lives. The darker the place you stand the brighter the tiniest light appears. Light beckons everything that is filed with life. We naturally lean into it.

How can you know if you are standing in the dark?

1) You are likely to be angry or anger easily. It's important to note that anger is the mask that fear wears. It's scary in the dark where we can't see clearly, no matter the cause. Fear is an absence of faith; they simply cannot occupy the same space. Faith is inspired by the light.
2) You are inclined to be mistrustful, especially of people who appear to be happy. Happiness does not pervade darkness. When you reside there it is difficult to believe in emotions you cannot feel and easy to mistrust those who do.
3) Your responses to others are frequently fast and cutting. You have a need to strike out and draw first blood just to warn others that they cannot mess with you. Most of your words are pessimistic, negative and discouraging, inspiring others to accept defeat.
4) The natural lines on your face reflect a frown or a mouth that appears as a straight line. You imagine emotional involvement to be somehow dangerous. You are careful never to let anyone peer behind the protective wall you have built.
5) Your eyes appear hard and cold issuing a clear warning to others not to intrude into you space. You have accepted even embraced loneliness even in a crowd. It's safer that way.

This doesn't sound like a great place to be yet many have remained in the dark for years, some for a lifetime. They are afraid to walk towards the light; afraid of what might be lurking there. 

That's why it is good to take a moment to really look at your surroundings after a hard rain; everything is fresh and renewed. Even flowers that were battered by the winds reach up and out in hope as they recover. Why; because this is the natural response to all things living and the very best reason to dance in the rain. Its arrival heralds new beginnings and the opportunity to step out of the dark and into real living!


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