The Blessed Broken Roads

Plans that never materialized, hopes that were never fulfilled, broken promises, shattered dreams; these are the broken roads in life. You probably only remember the significant ones and even then they fade into the past, somehow. Why, why, we wonder; how did this happen to us when we were so sure the path ahead was steady and sure? They happen to push us forward to something or someone who is a part of our life plan, to something better if we do not allow fear to enfold us.

The best laid plans that go awry are akin to the detours we are forced to take off the Interstate. We are redirected to scenic roads where we are treated to things we never knew existed, even if we traveled the road daily. There is something for us to see, to learn, to grow from. A new plan develops that is filled with something more than before. And in the end, we are better for having gained the things we gathered on the new route. When this happens our life has been redirected to the place we were meant to be.

We hope for things we imagine are unattainable or impossible, yet still, we hope it can be. Hope arises to guide us to the place, person or result that is on our life path, by design. When you arrive it may not look exactly as we imagined but hope inspired us to move forward; subconsciously we have developed a goal. Consider it as a planned destination on the road we have taken. We may encounter those famous detours, but keep moving forward in faith. It is the wind that fans the flames of hope.

Broken promises, broken relationships and friendships are painful. No one wants to encounter any of these breaks in the road ahead. Even if you are sure you don't deserve the pain, keep the faith. You are being pushed like a broken car into a new lane. There is where you will find what was intended to be in your life; the right partner, friend or even job. Let go of the old as soon as possible. Holding on to what has broken cements you in place, delaying or preventing you from arriving at your real desired destination. If you are even thinking of leaving a relationship you have already left it emotionally. It's goodbye time. Everything isn't meant to last forever. Some people or events are placed on the path to teach you something you will need to know down the road. Acceptance brings the freedom to move on. You can never lose what was real or meant to be.

Shattered dreams are the result of holding on when there is nothing real left to cling to. Combine that with fear that nothing can ever be as good as it was and you are staring at shattered dreams. Don't be afraid to let go; consider the situation as a live wire. So long as you cling you will feel the pain.

The blessings in the broken road, what are they? They are all those breaks that led you to the perfect road to arrive on time and intact at the place you were really always planning to go, to the person you were always intended to meet. They are the things that drive you to a new idea, a new place or person that enriches your life experience and brings comfort and joy... even when you imagined it was all gone. The breaks are the change we were always afraid to make. Be fearless; allow new hope, greater expectations and a new and better plan to form. It will guide the opportunities ahead to the perfect conclusion.


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