Garbage Pails of the Past

Why search for hope and solutions by rummaging through the garbage pails of the past? Even when you are tired of trying to solve the same problem it becomes habit to search through things you have tried and discarded; discarded because they never worked. You may believe these are the only options available because they are all you are familiar with, limiting any opportunity to escape. The same problems keep coming around because they were never solved. The same failed solutions continue to fail because they are the wrong response. Until you stop digging through the same old ways out you will be condemned to dumpster diving in the refuse pile of life.

Maybe your response has been to do nothing, because you didn't know what to do. That is the most typical human reaction. If you have the same head-on collisions in relationships you may have repeatedly left and just started over, only to find the same old issues with new partners. If you have been wrestling with the same old challenges and applying the same old solutions, you have been getting the same old results. You cannot achieve a new and better result if you are retrieving old ideas and attitudes found in the garbage pails of your past. You have the power to control or destroy your destiny through the solutions you choose to apply. Choices are the difference between being pitiful or powerful.

The path to powerful begins with putting some fire in your tank. This means that you finally allow the garbage to be permanently disposed of and get fired up about seeking real solutions. If your issues are relationship based you may need to take a moment and look within. After trying many partners and getting the same results it is time to realize that you have tried changing everything but yourself. It is also a good time to accept that the only thing you will ever control in life is your response... to everything. It does not matter who you are or how much or how little you have, this is ultimately the only thing you control. You are needlessly burning the fire in your tank by attempting to change other people, or to control them. You can do that for yourself; that's all. If you insist on continuing to try changing others you will become a battering ram against a brick wall. Better to use your fire to make a fast exit.

Whatever the challenge, a better answer is lurking about. Become a seeker of information. Reach out for new ideas on a search engine, at the library, group discussions or any of the multitudes of places to learn. Explore what has worked for others in similar situations. Expect to find the right response; wait for what really feels right to you. New information and better responses allow you to finally solve the problems. You will no longer be defined by your past; you'll be prepared for your future!


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