Rider on the Rain - The Storms of Change

Protesters have risen from the ashes of the 1960's with a renewed vigor, enhanced by the availability of social media that lends the ability to gather groups quickly and easily. Like most things of yesteryear, the younger generation has found a better way to accomplish their goal. These groups appear to be angry, incited by an injustice close to their hearts and willing to make a loud statement. Why are there so many people protesting? Ask them and they quickly reply, 'We're angry... ,' but why? What causes this kind of societal anger?

Anger is the mask of fear; when anger is present fear is lurking behind the shadows, hiding and watching. What are we afraid of; what drives multitudes of people to the streets to loudly proclaim their feelings? Change; change is the driving force behind most anger. The protesters are varied; some fear coming change while others are afraid because nothing has changed and they believe it never will. Many find themselves in an intolerable situation, convinced they are helpless to find a solution. And so, the fear and the anger rise to the surface. Those who stand on the sidelines and those who must contain the emotions of a crowd are caught in a storm, listening to thunder of protest, watching the approaching winds of change. Big storms are significant events; significant events herald significant change.

As the numbers grow the voices are heard loud and clear; they refuse to be stilled. This leaves us with no choice but to revisit the same issues that were before us in the 60's. The chickens of yesterday have come home to roost, signaling that we stopped too soon. They are the same issues. Anger at the establishment, anger at law enforcement who has once again become 'pigs,' racial unrest, anger at never-ending wars, violence, inequality... the issues are the same. 

Storms bring rain; rain clears the air. Maybe this time, in a society that has the ability to reach out in ways never before available through technology, we can complete what we began 50 years ago. Oddly enough the planetary influences are nearly the same as the early 60's now; offering proof positive that 'He who ignores history is destined to repeat it.'

If we can recognize that these issues create real pain while producing a society that is weary of trudging through the same trenches we will reach a reasonable solution without violence. It begins by respecting ourselves and others around us. When we do we will no longer instinctively respond with violence to solve issues nor can we turn a blind eye to the pain of others. What we can do is arrive at an honest assessment of what lies behind these emotions and work towards a solution that everyone can embrace. Behind all of this fear lie tear drops that arose from despair and hopelessness.

Rain cleanses the air, tears cleanse the heart. We need to get to the heart of it.


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