The Seared Conscience Understanding Karma

That small inner voice we hear reminding us why we should not make a choice to do something that is wrong or harmful to another is emanating from within us, from a part that is accompanying us on the journey of life. It is never really separated from us yet many attempt to silence it, to disconnect it from their daily lives. It is a little like hanging up the phone on an annoying caller. The more times we are willing to look away, to do nothing when something is required or choose to ignore the voice and do something we know will harm others, the greater the scar on our conscience becomes. It is seared when there is a total separation in our consciousness from that higher part of ourselves.

Karma is frequently used to remind us to follow the golden rule, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' The presumption being that karma will get you if you don't. Karma is energy, our own energy. Its range spans from light and clear to dark and murky. Just like our conscience. It carries the energy of our choices in life. It has no attachment to what that energy may generate. It does exactly what it was designed to do; carry the energy until it is time to meet it and rejoin it. Thus, you 'reap what you sow or meet your karma.' It is not vindictive. When difficult things come by way of a karmic debt it is simply delivering the results of the energy expended when it was activated. It is the bearer of the energy of cause and effect or action and reaction. Likewise, when unexpected events occur that bring great joy in our lives it is delivering the results of light filled energy.

It is delusional to imagine that you can 'shake it off' or ignore the energy that surrounds you. You created it through your choices; it accompanies you throughout life. Sometimes the delivery comes in small doses, other times it brings a major event. It arrives with the same intensity it was created in. If your past choices have been filled with darkness, bitterness, anger or hatred you are better served to run to meet the energy or karma. You do this by replacing harm filled events with kindness and empathy towards the affected party. If your karma is filled with light you have been steadily paying it forward and have learned that unexpected kindnesses are a part of life.

So many times we are counseled to 'make good choices.' Rarely does anyone tell us what is going on behind the scenes when we are making them. It is this very energy that is coming to life, emanating around our own life force and will stay until it is resolved, either way. That inner voice is not attempting to control us. It is reminding us that the road will be broken and bumpy with one choice and smooth and easy with the other. It attempts to level the path of life. Still, there is that still small give we are all endowed with at birth, a gift from the Creator called choice. The inner guidance is the wrapping on that powerful gift. To separate it from ourselves is to fall into the darkness derived from a seared conscience. Not in the end, but throughout life, it really is about choice.


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