If you are a problem solver you are also the one who seems to attract solutions. An observer may believe that good ideas simply follow you around, waiting to be discovered. It appears that way because you are a seeker and finder, unbeknownst to those who do not closely observe your character.

To become the navigator through challenges that frequently confound the incongruous searchers is a quest in life; in the absence of this we find those who never seem to find appropriate answers. We all stand on either side of that line.

What keeps solutions at bay from those who spend countless hours in fruitless searches yet appears to habitually deliver the perfect response to others? There is a reason for this. If it seems that your efforts have placed you squarely on the wrong side take heart in knowing altering your perception allows you to cross over to the other side.

The cause of this malady can be found in the search technique. If you are one of the frustrated seekers look closely at how you handle situations and seek answers to resolve problems. You will probably discover that most of your energy is directed to looking at the problem. You may stare and stare blindly until finally you assume there is no good response and give up.

Enter the problem solvers; look at how they approach problems. While acutely aware of the need to find answers, they rarely spend time looking at the problem. They look at and for solutions, carefully examining each one, weighing the opportunities and the challenges until they arrive at the answer that best addresses the issue.

Are they smarter or more talented than the seekers? No, yet they do have an innate understanding of how energy works. Whatever your energy is focused on intensifies. Stare at a problem and it typically grows worse until your worst fears are realized. Stare at solutions and more and more arise until the right best response appears. The law of attraction is powerful and operating in full force here. We attract what we are focused on, without fail. Look at what you want! This means looking squarely at the resolution without needing to know the solution until it is in place. To do so allows you to be open to receive every idea; then use discernment to discard those that are not acceptable.

There's more; this universal law is true no matter what you are seeking. A better job, loving partner, a different career, in fact, all the things you may hold near and dear to your heart exist just a redirected focus away, waiting on you to look at their being a reality rather than staring at the lack of their existence.

We learn these skills by example, the search methods are deeply embedded in our life training. As children we observe adults and authority figures in our life and assume their method of handling challenges is the correct one. It is the only example we have until we become frustrated and look beyond, at those who seem to attract different outcomes.

If you are a constant seeker you need only look behind you to find the person or persons who taught you how to approach problem solving. How do you break the chains that bind you to wrong responses? It requires you’re turning off the noise of the problem and turning on the awareness of solutions, like changing a channel on the television. Old habits may die hard but consider that continuing using methods that never worked is like staring at a rerun of a show you never liked. This makes it easier to change the channel. Failing to do so means you just can't get to your desired destination from where you stand today.


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