When Loving You Is Wrong - 5 Wrongs That Can Be Right

Love... such a simple word, and yet carries such powerful attributes. All over the world, literally, people are searching for Love. For some, it seems elusive, for others, it is simply wrong
The benefits of love have been measured even by scientists.

There is evidence that a person who has love in their life will live longer, have lower stress levels, enjoy faster physical healing of bruises and open wounds, are mentally sharper due to the give and take communication that occurs in a loving relationship, Oxytocin (the cuddle hormone) is released into the bloodstream through the loving touch and hugs in a relationship lowering blood pressure and increasing the effectiveness of the cardio vascular system, there is a reduced risk of suicide and other emotional illnesses in a loving relationship and the overall health and well being while in love is increased exponentially. And that is just the certified scientific benefits of this powerful emotion.

The health benefits are a side effect; it is the emotion itself, and the feelings it invokes that all of mankind seeks. So how is it wrong? Can the wrongs be righted?

1) The most obvious wrong in a love relationship is when either person is not free to be in the relationship. Beyond the partner who is the recipient of cheating are the children and the negative impact of all the emotions that are involved in cheating. This includes the stress of maintaining secrecy, the fear of loss of respect of family, friends and community and a whole host of other emotions that damage physical and emotional well being. The cure for this is equally obvious. Right the wrong; be honest and untangle yourself from the relationship you are already in and this wrong is righted.
2) Next is a fairly common malady that is guaranteed to destroy the person harboring this emotion; being addicted to the emotions, the highs or any part of the person you love. This is the single most destructive force in love relationships. This addiction follows the very same path as substance abuse or any other addiction. It is a road to hell paved with promises of trying to stop and failing. The cure and treatment for this one is tougher. You will need the same kind of intervention as any other addict; a solid program with counseling and a partner willing to stand by you as you work your way through the emotional causes that set this into motion.
3) Religious Differences; if you have fallen in love with someone whose entire family is devoted to a religion you do not understand and don't intend to embrace, you have encountered a rough row to plow while sowing the seeds of a future together. Many organized religions simply do not encourage their followers to embrace anyone outside of their own practice and expect firm adherence to their rules. To make this one right you must first take a long honest look at the practices of the religion that stands between you and your love. If you find anything about it that is deeply disturbing and offends your own moral compass, yet the person you love has embraced it, you may need to pass on this one. However, if it is simply different and not offensive and you don't want to embrace it with your love, this one can be righted by both people agreeing to disagree and allowing one another to follow their own religious principles without judgment or interference from one another. It is important that both people in this situation make it clear to their family and friends that they have the agreement and it must be respected by their family and friends as well as one another.
4) Race, Creed, Nationality Differences; Society as a whole is getting better about this, but we still have a ways to go. Recent world events have incited emotions, perhaps unfairly, about entire nations and their citizens. We have witnessed this throughout our history. It is bigotry at its worst, but it is real in many places. If you have fallen for someone outside your own race or nationality you have made a choice to ignore any societal impact. Your decision is the preferred one for the entire planet. So long as we judge one another there cannot be peace. This is made right only by your willingness to suffer the consequences your family or friends may impose. You will become one of those who have willingly smoothed the path. It may take a while, even years, but historically, the family and friends of these partners finally arrive at acceptance and your life gets easier. Meanwhile, embrace the one you love
5) Gay Relationships; societal pressure is easing in some parts of the world and will never in other parts. Life could be a lot easier if the entire planet, rather than some Eastern cultures, were willing to entertain the idea that every person has lived hundreds if not thousands of lifetimes in both genders. What we call 'gender confusion' is most likely a result of the three lifetime span it takes to complete the change in gender, and every single human has been through it. We are moving into 4D energy and out of the dark ages. The best part of this for those in a gay relationship may be that everyone will remember the Akashi, and guess what; they will remember they went through it too! Meanwhile in the world where you live and love and have your being, accept who you are and find joy in it. Whatever is, is, and it is good with your soul. It is not necessary to loudly proclaim your rarity, but rather, to find great joy in living your life with someone you love and can build a future with.

Living in areas that are not so harshly judgmental may increase your opportunities to love the one you're with. Regardless, if you are in this kind of relationship you have already learned the price and the pressures and agreed to walk through the fire and across the hot coals... and it is good that you have.

When loving someone is wrong... we actually do want to be right.

There is a price for loving someone when it's wrong to do so; the invitation is to find out what it takes to right the wrong and be willing to pay the price to achieve your happiness. It is this very issue that will challenge you to determine whether the relationship is real and lasting or whether you are far happier when you let go and get back to the life you had before.
As is always true with mankind; life and love and happiness is about the choices you make and how you make them.


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