Where Eagles Cry

What was the first thing that ever impressed you, can you remember? Back, back in time you must go to a little girl or boy who saw something they recall even today. Something caught your attention, stirred excitement and made you say, "Wow, look at that!" It was the day you were inspired to look beyond the life that you had experienced, to hear the whisper of a higher calling, to see what maybe you could be... one day. It was the day you dared to dream.

Other things caught your attention as time went by; you may notice that they are in some way related to what captivated your attention that first time. Why does it matter? Something was calling you. Even at that young age, at some primeval level, you responded to the call. Was it possible for you to become what had captivated your attention? Did you ever, even for a moment, allow yourself to dream that big, to imagine it could be so for you?

The answer is probably yes, it's why you remember. You tuck those memories away but never quite forget your excitement or the squeal of spontaneous joy that emerged. Ah, you were intrigued, your interest piqued. Do you remember who you were with or how they responded? They may not have been as interested, or felt the same emotions. You were small and under their influence; maybe it wasn't so special after all. You are impressionable when you are small, and inclined to adjust your responses to mimic the people you love or trust the most. You were wrong, or maybe just a foolish dreamer.

This is how your box was built; the box that limits your hopes and dashes dreams back into the reality of what other people around you believed could be. It is the initiation to giving up on personal dreams; a learned response. Just as you are guided to walk and talk, you are guided to what can become your reality. You learn it by believing those who are guiding you know more and can teach you to be like them... and they do.

You begin to step out of the box when it becomes too confining, when you outgrow your surroundings. Breaking out is uncomfortable; those around you may encourage you to stay where you belong, to be grateful for what you have. Maybe you sigh, and choose to stay. Like the eagle that was born to soar, you tuck your head down and gather your wings close to fit into the box that was built for you.

One day you realize you can't stay in the box any longer; you look for a way out, believing it must be difficult. You spread your wings and are surprised that it is possible, there is room to fly. How can this be? The walls of the box were always imaginary, there because you believed. There is excitement and a little trepidation as you flap your wings and finally take flight; you have to try, just this once. You emerge from the box and take flight, as you were born to do. You can hear them, those who have done the same; you are drawn to the place where you hear their cries. It is high above your box, way up high where you belong.

From this height you can see so much more; the path that winds around the road you thought was blocked. Your excitement returns, the dream is rekindled. You touch base with your soul and remember your life plan that was so much more than was contained in the box. The box was always imaginary, built by your belief in limitations that belonged to others. Maybe you are an eagle, confined in a sparrow's box.

When life becomes uncomfortable and peace of mind seems distant, dare to hear the call of the eagle's cry. Its way up high where you can hear the voice of your Creator calling you to remember what you came to be; up high where you belong you can see and believe what you came to achieve. If only you believe.


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