Poor Mouth Proclamations

'Poor Mouthing' is a term most of us are familiar with. It is applied most frequently to friends or acquaintances who seemingly don't like to or want to pay when it's their turn, hence the excuses about how they can't right now because of one bad break or another. This term is not really about just money. It's about keeping people beyond an arm's length not just from the wallet but from the person. They rarely trust anyone and safeguard everything they can from the world around them. They are a little like a hoarder, only the things they gather and protect is all the things about themselves. When it's time to share, they never really can; they 'poor mouth' everything. They can't because they don't know how, weren't raised that way... on and on the excuses go leaving the people around them stuck with an answer they can't understand or the option of disconnecting. Either is preferable to the offender. They would rather you leave than to be forced to share that which they have decided to protect.

One of the real oddities of these personalities is that they are often incorrectly identified as having low self-esteem or a life filled with bad breaks as they attempt to elicit sympathy or understanding for their plight. If you dig really deeply you may be surprised to find someone with a serious superiority complex lurking behind this facade. Frequently you will find a complicated person with a 'sad sack' persona hiding a smirk and a sense of self-satisfaction at having pulled the wool over those around them. All they were trying to protect is safe, they gave nothing.

Human consciousness is powerful, probably the most powerful life force. It doesn't have a sense of humor nor does it recognize games people play. It was created to respond to the mastery of our words and thoughts and does so with great precision. The power of the spoken word cannot be overestimated. Once words are uttered they  leave with the force and accuracy of arrows loosed from a powerful archers bow. They are destined to hit their mark and deliver. Herein lays the pitfall of the poor mouth proclamation. Say it, repeat it, act it and it will be delivered exactly as described. The power of the spoken word will be delivered. Be careful what you say; guard your thoughts and channel them to where and what you want to become. As surely as you think them, you will speak about them and begin to live the results of those words.

Poor mouth equals a poor life. If you want to realize your dreams, live a different life or step into a new position in life dare to harness your thoughts and words and proclaim your rarity!


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