The Dance of Our Lives

Is it true that our lives are better left to chance; does that mean that we are blowing about like a ship without a sail? Or could we live our life in faith, believing that a bigger hand than ours guides our ship to an unknown port, where we dance towards a greater destiny? Is this a choice that we all make?

Treating life as a dance may not be such a bad idea. Imagine your thought process when anyone asks you to dance with them. First you assess the person, making a judgment about who they are. Next you look around and make sure there is a place to dance in the manner that suits your style. Finally, you determine whether you know the steps; how to dance to the tune that is playing in the style that you want to dance. We unconsciously do this every time we make a choice about people or situations in our lives. We either pass on the chance, dismissing it, or decide to give it try, to join the dance.

Choosing to leave our life to chance excuses us from taking responsibility for our own actions; we imagine that we didn't make a choice but simply went with the flow and allowed things to happen. Yet not making a choice is making a choice. It is choosing to do nothing when doing something is required. At this point we frequently encounter those words we later say were better left unsaid. We tell ourselves it's a good thing we didn't know how things would turn out or we wouldn't have taken the chance.

There are many excuses for leaving life to chance, but no good reasons. The fact is human nature dictates that we do nothing at all when we don't know what to do. The options then become to either laugh in the face of disaster, disavow the existence of whatever is before us that requires us to act, or dig in and look for the solution that provides us the chance to dance through our lives with the grace and joy we were created to do. Doing this dictates that we will carefully choose who we dance with, where we dance and what the tune for the dance will be. It allows us to ensure that we know the steps to perform in a manner that is becoming and portrays the person we want to become.

One day, no matter how distant we imagine that may be, the time comes when we begin an important statement with the famous words, "Looking back... " We all stand in a better place, on a firmer foundation when we can finish that sentence by saying "I tried as hard as I could try, did the best that I could do and did everything I came to do in this situation." You can let go then and know that your actions were based on faith in that bigger hand and your own efforts to find the best solution; having made a choice that was befitting to the person you always wanted to become. Because ultimately, that is how we all become the person we were and are. We were all born to dance.


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