I Remember You, Always

To those we have loved and lost:

I remember you, the first time ever I saw your face, the special magic that was you, the eyes I always loved, the you I grew to cherish.

I remember your smile and all the expressions reflected in your mouth. The kind and gentle words you shared, the laughter and giggles I grew to love, the songs you loved to sing along with, your passion for things you believed in that refused to be suppressed, the anger at injustice you felt compelled to voice; most of all, I remember the last words I heard from you. These are cherished memories I will never forget.

I remember your hands, every detail. I remember the way you held them, the things you created with them, the ideas you penned, the memories set down in time with them. But most of all, the love and care reflected as I held your hand or felt yours covering mine when life was confusing.

I remember your arms and the precious hugs I grew to love, expressing your love, caring, compassion, and sometimes an appeal for understanding and so many emotions we shared. The first I imagined would be most deeply imprinted on my mind was too soon replaced by the last that became the most treasured.

I remember your walk, the sound of your footsteps a reflection of your many moods. The light and airy ones that signaled you were on top of the world, the steady ones that announced you were busy, the slower ones that said you were reflecting on something important and the last ones I can never forget.

I remember the very essence of you, special places we shared, your favorite foods, smells that enticed you, the special crinkles around your eyes, the expressions that were so you. I remember words that belonged only to you, still whispering in my mind. I remember the thoughts and ideas you shared, the hopes and dreams and all that was a part of you being you.

I remember watching you grow into the person I so loved, the challenges, the sacrifices and work as you focused on bringing your dreams to life. I remember seeing life through your eyes as you shared these things and all the emotions that brought them to life. I remember the things you loved and how special they were to me.

Thank God for the gift of memories carefully stored in my mind, for they are how I will always remember you.


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