Conditional Trust Taking a Pass on Destiny

How human it is to set a goal, decide what we need to achieve it and offer up a prayer advising all the things we need for victory, one that claims advance victory only to learn that the rules were not, 'Let's make a deal, but rather 'This is the deal.' Conditional trust is common in our lives, this means we trust completely if we can see and control the outcome. With this approach the greatest good we can ever receive is limited by what we can see and believe. Thankfully the hand of one much more powerful than us guides us through life, one that can see much farther. This hand controls our destiny if we let go and allow it. And so, many times the answer is, 'No deal.'

Conditional trust, no matter where it is applied, attempts to control outcomes. Unconditional trust means we are mature enough to accept results even when we do not understand them. That resounding 'No' that was so disappointing was not random. It was a directive to be still and allow something much better to enter the scene. That something will launch you to a new level in your destiny; your life plan may be much bigger than you can imagine. It is also a reminder that the things your 'must haves' make you vulnerable to limiting wrong turns and can be used against you. Be careful when you make your 'must have' list in life.

It takes courage to accept a 'No' for something that seemed so perfect and is important. Yet difficulties challenge us to grow, to look beyond the obvious. Difficulties do not defeat, they promote. A part of great success is learning to trust the life process, to stand where we are with a good attitude.

Every person has a purpose, an opportunity to grow and something to do. We did not haplessly enter life to float about like an untethered canoe in the ocean of life. We are here to be bold, to snatch opportunity from the hands of fate and victory from the claws of defeat. We need to find joy in the journey. We came to win. We are encouraged to dream and to hold tightly to your dreams, even while we are asked to cling loosely to the method of realizing those dreams. We cannot have an attachment to the process of winning.

Destiny lies before you like a distant horizon line. When you approach it with conditional trust the expanse is narrowed to what you can see clearly leaving so many opportunities you could not see scattered to the winds. Dare to believe and you will be amazed at what you can achieve!


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