Me-Ism - The Culture of Me

Me-ism is a newly coined narrative about a 'me first' state of mind. It extends far beyond that. Those who are afflicted have adopted an immovable position, certain their position reflects the best possible outcome of any issue or event. They come from every walk of life, from the most to the least consciously aware.

History records a time when considering ourselves first, placing personal desires, hopes and dreams above the welfare of others was considered to be selfish and unacceptable. Things changed, attitudes changed as society began to embrace the value of greater levels of self-awareness. This created a sharp turn inwards as we tuned inward to 'me' at far deeper levels. New concepts, like a pendulum that continues the beat, customarily swing out to the farthest distance before they return to balance in the middle. Today many find themselves at that farthest point where all they can see is 'me.'

Further confounding our perception from this paradigm is our planets progression into the new and far more compassionate energy field we have just entered the outer bands of. Like two worlds they seem to be colliding; the old dense energy that exemplifies the idea of 'me only' with the new gentler and empathetic energy. This is demonstrated by the near rioting in our streets, filled with angry, contemptuous and uncaring energy while just across town the gentler souls gather to share a 'cry in' to assuage their disappointment.

The 'me first' concept was essential to many people who found no other path to self-awareness, not so much for those who were studiously walking that path. Many are not even aware of what is propelling them into this state of mind; these are the ones who cannot find the escape door back to normality. They have journeyed into the new and exciting world of greater awareness and seem mesmerized by their options. That is a difficult place to exist while enmeshed in the old energy. Humanity is far more powerful in this heightened state of awareness, yet it is essential to put away the old dark things of yesterday to fully immerse into the new and exciting state of mind. The new energy will not support the old fear based methods. And so we witness the two worlds of energy colliding.

There is a dynamic shift in this movement into the new energy bands. It may take a significant and completely unforeseen event to push us forward. These are the kinds of things that change paradigms, leaving our perception of what can be forever altered. The best lesson from all of this is recognizing that anger and fear is the same animal wearing a different mask.

Compassion is the healing balm. When applied with respect for one another we move forward out of the 'me' culture advancing humanity exponentially. It is necessary if we are to move forward into a kinder, gentler and more peaceful existence where trusting in the future will become the norm.


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