When God Writes Your Story

Did you know that you are a writer? Everyone is a writer... we write our life story and then play our chosen role, just like a soap opera. Like those shows so many become attached to, it continues to twist and turn and change; possibly to keep us from becoming bored. Maybe that is the basis of our attachment; conceivably our favorites reflect our own hopes, dreams, fears or desires for excitement or change. What changes in our lives when God writes our story?

Almost immediately, we walk in faith. We live each day expecting the results of His promises and not limited by what our eyes see. How does this change our expectations? Our eyes reflect an image to our brain that is placed into a familiar category; that's all it knows to do. This limits us from ever becoming more, enjoying more or imagining more than the information contained within the category the image has been placed.

Just as our vantage point is different as we observe the landscape from the top of the mountain, God sees all the possibilities in every twist and turn that lies ahead of us. Better yet, he has a connection to every person and circumstance we will encounter. He is constantly reaching out and moving the hearts of people, guiding all to their highest good. At every twist and turn lies an opportunity to join those whose path will be enhanced, dream will be fulfilled or need will be met

You begin to see your circumstances change very quickly. Out of the blue, unexpected things happen that allow you to see a glimpse of the glory life holds. It is exhilarating when those moments brush past our lives. Change, good change is in the air, like the promise of spring after a long cold winter. Those moments infiltrate those depressed parts of our life, leaving a wellspring of hope that permeates every part of our life.

Why isn't everyone allowing God to write their story? It is so human to imagine that what our brain cannot conceive simply cannot be. Odder still is our acceptance that all that can be lies within our brain; this limits us and our ability to write a winning life story to what we already know or imagine we can learn. That's it, that's all.

When God's writing your story he is always arranging things, moving people and clearing your path; He is the master of imagination; He Imagined YOU! Whether you allow Him to write it or not, He's along for the duration, always honoring His promise of allowing you to choose, in everything. Who wouldn't choose to let the master writer compose the story they must live; especially when it's written with more love than we can imagine and greater vision than we can ever discern? What's to lose in trying, unless of course, you're afraid to trust?


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