Who Picks Up the Pieces?

Oh, those explosive moments in our lives; the times when we or someone we are with 'snap' or 'just lose it,' is there any fallout from that? Words are power packed with energy. Words that are flung from rage or any highly charged emotional scene are explosive. They leave an energy footprint that is unmistakable. Ask anyone who happened into the room just after the explosion. The air is filled with angry energy; it is uncomfortable to be in the space. Even if the person entering is unaware of what has just transpired, they can feel it. And they can't wait to leave the space. It is the remnants of rage they are seeking to escape from, flung into the air and hanging like shards of glass or metal.

There is fallout from allowing ourselves to lose control and fill the air with this kind of toxic energy. It touches everyone who enters the space for several minutes after it has ended. We have a responsibility for our words and our actions. Anyone who was in the room with us at the time of the explosion was under attack from our emotional outburst. The damage is only slightly less than being physically attacked; it is a psychic attack that sears the soul. No one escapes unscathed. Not even the plants that were innocently sitting in the sunshine.

Who picks up the pieces from our rage filled storm of energy? Everyone in earshot took the first blunt force of the words. Those in the same room or who the words were aimed at were harmed the most. The live plants withdrew to escape the fury of the energy; it will take three full days for them to recover. Sounds like a long time for a simple outburst? Imagine how long it takes to truly heal the psyche of the person the words were aimed at. If the words were deeply wounding, they may never recover.

It is self-serving and irresponsible to allow those kinds of events to happen. No one has the right to discharge rage filled words onto another person or in any space that they consider to be valuable. It reflects a complete lack of regard for the people who are the targets and for everything in range of catching the wave of energy. Sadly, the perpetrators of this kind of behavior shrug it off and walk away, many times talking about how much better the feel now that they have blown up and gotten over their anger. It is a self-righteous attitude about an appalling event.

They seem to be unaware that they bear a responsibility to everyone and everything that was harmed. The debt will be collected at some point; the words will become a bone of contention in disagreements that arise for a very long time. Why? Because no one really forgot what was said, no one excused the words and certainly no one believes they were less than true. The emotion behind them tells the story about the truth that has spilled out into the airwaves.

The people in closest range pick up the pieces immediately; the offender eventually ends up staring at all the pieces of trust and joy that have been shattered by their behavior. In the end, it is they who have earned the right to hold the pieces that can't be put back together again.


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